by The Gout Wife

Who’s behind the gout pictures seen on goutpictures.net…and why?

sharon porter the gout wife

Me, of course.
Sharon Porter – The Gout Wife

Here’s the story….my hubby got gout at age 38.  He spent years, I mean YEARS, duking it out with gout…all the while taking every pharmaceuticals the docs gave him. They didn’t work. He was in a living hell, literally having a couple of severe gout attacks EVERY MONTH!

Out of sheer frustration we decided to TAKE OWNERSHIP of his gout.  We spent thousands of dollars consulting with a PhD Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist…and eating only the things he recommended.  That didn’t work.  He went completely vegetarian and not only did that NOT work…his gout got worse!

Long story short…after years of consulting with every “professional” out there, and trial and error with every possible solution..we final found THE WAY OUT of hell.  After 13 years of ongoing gout attacks, my husband has not had a single gout attack for over 4 years now!  This is a BIG DEAL….as in a BFD!  At the rate of 2 per month, that means he has avoided over 96 gout attacks!

But, the sad part of the story is that… not only did he have gout worse than anyone we know…he also had gouty tophi.  Before we found “the solution” he had both hands operated on, where they sliced open every one of his fingers (yes, slicing right through all those nerve ending) to scrape out the tophi.  If you’ve never seen a grown man cry this will do it. For his sake and mine, I hope he NEVER has to go through ANYTHING that painful again.  The pain of these surgeries was 100 times worse than the pain from the gout attacks.  Plus, in the end, it was too late and the tophi had eaten all the way through the tendon of one of his fingers.  So now he cannot bend that finger…there IS NO tendon to pull it into closed position.


You are probably wondering what we found that was “the solution”.  It was a no-nonsense fact-based approach revolving around managing internal body chemistry.  Because it worked, and is still working, so well for us . . . we decided to put it all down on paper for others to learn about, and that’s what’s in our book we call Kill Your Gout NOW!.  Yes, I am telling you that the doctors, even the gout-specialist rheumatologists, did NOT have this common-sense information.   So, do yourself a favor and GET THIS BOOK now!

Click on the picture below where it says “Instant Access” and you’ll soon know more about how to get rid of gout than your doctor does.  You wont have to take a bunch of toxic pharmaceuticals or spend a ton of time and money going to doctors anymore.
But the best thing is….NO MORE GOUT ATTACKS!