What Causes Gout in the Ankle

by The Gout Wife

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What Causes Gout in the Ankle?

what causes gout in the ankle

What Causes Gout in the Ankle?

What causes gout in the ankle is you and your wicked ways! 🙂
I don’t mean to sound cruel…but you might not realize that your own LIFESTYLE CHOICES are what causes gout in the ankle!  Yes, I am daring to say that we are not VICTIMS of our genetics.   And I can guarantee you that the pharmaceutical industry does NOT want you to know this.  They want you to become hooked on their expensive side-effect-ridden drugs.  But here at Gout Pictures we tell it like it is.

So…WHO Says What Causes Gout in the Ankle?

OK.  Now we are getting into belief systems.  Let me ask you this:  Are you the kind of person who thinks that doctors know everything about health and are ready, willing and able to take full responsibility for YOUR health?   Or, do you believe (like I do) that our medical system has gone haywire and that our interactions with doctors are now governed by the special interest groups called “the pharmaceutical industry” and the “medical malpractice insurance industry”?

I know that may sound cynical…but to me this is just a matter of fact.  Did you know that the pharmaceutical industry has one of the largest lobbying groups in DC?  And did you know that our very own FDA has given them the sole and exclusive rights to use certain marketing words….like “cure”, “diagnose”, “treat”, “mitigate”?  Give me a F#@%ing break!  In other words, all the natural herbs that these pharmaceuticals are BASED upon are now considered by mainstream America to be suspect just because of this gag order by the FDA.

OK. OK.  Back to the question:  WHO says what causes gout in the ankle?  Depending on your belief system the answer will inevitably be either your doctor, or you!  Yes, you can easily get yourself educated and know beyond a shadow of a doubt, right there in between your two ears, exactly what causes gout in the ankle!

How to Learn the Facts about What Causes Gout in the Ankle?

Knowledge is king.  The only way to REALLY know is to do your homework.  Fortunately, I can give you the cheat sheet!  See over there to the right….that book called Kill Your Gout NOW!  This is the bomb.  I’ve read every gout ebook out there and this one is for real.  It has a recipe for how to make your gout pain stop within 2-4 hours, and also what to do to make sure it never comes back….with INEXPENSIVE all-natural means.

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