Gouty Tophus

by The Gout Wife

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gouty tophus

Gouty Tophus

Gouty Tophus is Your Last Warning Sign, because Gouty Tophus in your internal organs means….you die. No joke.

You see all those gouty tophus lumps in these gout pictures?  Now visualize these same lumps inside your kidneys and liver.  Yep . . . you’re toast.

Gouty tophus appears in the FINAL STAGES of gout…when your high uric acid levels have run rampant for WAY too long.

I hope your gouty tophus is not as extreme as this picture, but ANY AMOUNT of gouty tophus is a BIG RED FLAG.  Time to wake up and take action fast!

The 4 Phases Leading up to Gouty Tophus

Gout is like a sneaky black widow. First she moves into your house, but you don’t see her.  Next, you start to see “signs” of her presence…cob webs.  Then, you start to see HER everywhere, because she has laid eggs and multiplied.  Finally, you wake up in the morning and there she is under the covers with you . . . plus you have a huge welt on your toe and you are having trouble breathing.  Hope you make it to the hospital in time . . . otherwise, she GOT you!

Stage One: You’ve Got Gout, but You Don’t Know it. You have HIGH levels of uric acid in your bloodstream, but you have not YET had a gout attack so you don’t even  know that you are in the process of “creating your disease”.  Usually the levels are high because your kidneys are not functioning well, and the uric acid is not being excreted at the rate it should be.

Stage Two: You Get Your First Gout Attack. Holy Cow!  THAT HURTS!  You think it appeared out of nowhere, but that is because you didn’t know before that you were in Stage One.

Stage Three: You Get Gout Attacks Off and On . . . which over time become more ON than OFF.  Maybe you go a couple of weeks in between attacks, maybe a couple of months.  BUT,  you’ve kind of gotten used to them and you think this is now just part of your life. Plus, you start to notice these weird little hard lumps under the skin…maybe on your fingers, maybe on your toes.  These lumps are hardened deposits of monosodium urate crystals, solidified uric acid.

Stage Four: You can hardly hold down a job because you spend more days WITH a gout attack than WITHOUT.  These little hard lumps are now on many of your joints, and getting bigger.  Then your back starts to KILL you…you’ve got kidney stones (internal gouty tophus).  You are pushing your luck on your body’s ability to keep you alive.

How To Get Rid of Gouty Tophus Fast

If you’ve been reading my other posts you know that I don’t have much appreciation for the advice of doctors.  BUT, if you’ve got gouty tophus all over your body . . . you do need to get your ass to the doctor fast.  Yes, there are LOTS of things you can and should be doing IN ADDITION TO doing what your doc says, but YOU have let this go WAY too far . . . and I don’t want you dying on my watch.

So, get your ass to the doc quick. At the same time, grab your own copy of the book Kill Your Gout NOW!  This is essential.  This book, and the follow-up video tutorial program, has EVERYTHING you need to learn so that you can stop increasing your uric acid levels, and hopefully save your life if its not too late.

The point is YOU NEED TO DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to get rid of your gout and your gouty tophus IMMEDIATELY . . . otherwise you’re TOAST.  Burnt toast.  So, go get the book Kill Your Gout NOW!I’m not going to sugar-coat this.  If you don’t want to fork out a few measly bucks to learn how to save your life, then you might as well you take a gun to your head right now.  This is an IQ Test…and if you don’t get this book YOU FLUNK!

Go Get Kill Your Gout NOW! right now . . . and then get your ass to the doctor asap.  This way you can quickly begin to get rid of your gout and your gouty tophus!


Symptoms of Gout in Wrist

by The Gout Wife

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symptoms of gout in wrist

Symptoms of Gout in Wrist

Below is a CHECKLIST of the more common Symptoms of Gout in Wrist:

  1. Is it so swollen the skin is tight?
  2. Is it hot to the touch, like its on fire ?
  3. Is it bright red, like a lobster?
  4. Is it so stiff and sore you cant use your hand?
  5. Did it seem to appear out of nowhere?
  6. Did it start while you were asleep?
  7. Has it put you in a really foul mood?
  8. Have you suddenly started cursing aloud?

Gout Pictures is here to help you get rid of these painful and inconvenient symptoms! 🙂

How to Get Rid of The Symptoms of Gout in Wrist

But first, don’t forget . . . Symptoms and Causes are NOT the same thing!   So, do you want to get rid of the SYMPTOMS?  Or the CAUSES?  Or maybe both?   Getting rid of the Symptoms of gout in wrist is very easy and fast.

Using inexpensive common grocery items you can make the gout symptoms go away in 2-4 hours by following a simple formula outlined in the book Kill Your Gout NOW!  Just follow the easy steps spelled out in this book, and your gout attack will start to subside in a couple of hours and be GONE within a few more hours.

But How Do I Get Rid of the ROOT CAUSES . . . Not JUST the Symptoms of Gout in Wrist

Now you’re asking the right question grasshopper! If you want to live GOUT-FREE, permanently, then you must go after the Root Causes.  Ever pulled a weed?  What happens if the top breaks off and the root is still down there?  The weed grows right back doesn’t it?  Same thing with GOUT.  If you only get rid of the SYMPTOMS of gout in wrist, and not the root causes, then the gout comes right back!

The fastest way to eliminate the Root Cause of gout  is also in the book Kill Your Gout NOW!.  Yes, after the 2-hour pain relief formula, the book ALSO offers you a complete Road Map for how to live gout free . . . naturally . . . without expensive side-effect-ridden pharmaceuticals.

Just click on the colorful picture below where it saysInstant Access” to learn more and see whether Kill Your Gout NOW! is right for you.  It will be if you want to eliminate gout pain immediately and permanently, by becoming MASTER over both the CAUSES and the SYMPTOMS of gout in wrist.


Gout Hands

by The Gout Wife

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gout hands

Gout Hands

Having gout hands is about as bad as  chopping off your hands except it hurts more.  Right?

Are both of your hands (or even just one) hot, swollen, incredibly painful, stiff, and basically unusable?

Did this seem to appear out of nowhere, and you’re trying to remember if you fell down and landed on your hand?  Probably not.  More than  likely, you got Gout Hands!

The info here at Gout Pictures can help you get rid of your gout fast!

What Causes Gout Hands?

Being BAD causes gout hands! What?  You haven’t been bad?  Hmmm…lets take inventory.  Have you been:

  1. Working too much and not sleeping enough?
  2. Totally stressed out at home and/or on the job?
  3. Eating on the fly…stuffing down whatever is quick?
  4. Drinking more coffee and beer than water?
  5. Pushing buttons on the remote control as your main form of exercise?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you have been BAD!  And I can just hear you: “What’s all that got to do with gout hands?”  The common thread in that list is ACIDITY.

How Does Acidity Cause Gout Hands?

We’re talking pH test strips…like when they check swimming pools to see if the water is safe to swim in.  SAME THING HAPPENS INSIDE OF YOU.  If your internal fluids (body water) are too low on the pH scale….you get Gout hands!  It is so simple, AND correcting your pH is simple too.

But if your ask you American doctor about acidosis being the cause of gout . . . he or she will think you’re nuts.  Why?  Because American medical schools don’t teach this . . . but medical schools in other parts of the world sure do.   Don’t believe me?  Try it!  We did.

Yes….my husband had gout BAD for 13 years, and his doctor NEVER talked to him about body pH.  Then he went on a reconnaissance learning mission, and found out about the connection between body pH and gout.  He corrected his acidosis quickly and easily, and voila . . . NO MORE GOUT!

But the amazing thing was when he told his doctor how he got rid of his gout . . . his doctor didn’t believe him, and frankly he didn’t seem to care!  Maybe it threatened his ego.  Maybe his 6 minutes for the office visit were up.  Who knows.

How to Get Rid of Gout Hands

The fastest way to get rid of Gout Hands is to do what my hubby did, which he descibes in great detail in his book Kill Your Gout NOW!  His book contains EVERYTHING you need to know to quickly and easily get rid of your gout.  It has a formula of common grocery store items that will make your gout attack go away in 2-4 hours.  And it has a COMPLETE LIST of what you need to do make sure you NEVER AGAIN get gout hands.

Click where it says “Instant Access” to learn more about the book Kill Your Gout NOW!  and get ready to say BYE BYE to your gout hands for good!


Gout Fingers

by The Gout Wife

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gout fingers

Gout Fingers

Gout Fingers are the worst.  Babies suck their thumbs, and those with gout fingers suck air…hyperventilating in pain! Feel like you are reduced to a baby?  Crying? Whining?  I know.  As The Gout Wife, I’ve been on the other side of it.  I’ve watched my strong independent husband beg for mercy from the Gout Gods…to no avail.  For 13 years he suffered HORRIBLE gout attacks about twice per month.  The whole time under his doctor’s watch, until…he got a dose of true WISDOM.

The Wise Way to Get Rid of Gout Fingers

A DOSE of wisdom vs a DOSE of drugs.  My husband and I learned the hard way…there are two kinds of DOSES in the world. Those that are designed to help YOU, the receiver of the dose, and those that are designed to help the THEM, the giver of the dose. Too often in this day and age the doser is actually a hoser!

Today’s Doser: A person (usually a doctor) legally given the right to prescribe pharmaceuticals.  The doser recieves ample training from the Big Pharma companies, lucrative incentives to dish out the dosing, and threats from their medical malpractice carrier if they DON’T dish out these doses! Get it?

Today’s Dosee: You….someone who simply needs help with their gout fingers.  You THINK you are doing the right thing to go to your doctor.  That is what you mom told you to do when you’re sick, right?  That is what all the TV ads told you to do, right? That is what your insurance company told you to do, right?  Do I hear an echo in here?

Ready for a DOSE of Reality about Gout Fingers?

We live in a weird world these days. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest lobbying groups in Washington; they are one of the largest purchasers of TV advertising airtime; They are driven by the need to satisfy stockholders…NOT YOU.  They don’t give a crap about satisfying you.  So long as the docs keep writing the scripts, and you keep taking their pills..they stay fat.  And your gout fingers stay fat, too.

How to NOT get Hosed by the Dosers

1.  Take ownership of your own health.  Here’s how:  Place your thumb to the underside of your nose.  Now…FLIP!  Sling those buggers at em! Congratulations.  You have now stepped into your own power, and are one step closer to being FREE of those hoser-dosers. 🙂

2.  Next step:  Treat yourself to a dose of  TRUE WISDOM!  After 13 years of recurring gout pain, my husband got totally fed up, went on a mission to take matters into his own hands, and uncovered the simple secrets for how to completely get rid of his gout, naturally.

He wrote everything he learned THAT WORKED  in his book called Kill Your Gout NOW!  No BS…pure common sense proven facts that you can easily and affordable use.  And if you want to hear about how Kill Your Gout NOW! has worked for many others too, click where it says “Instant Access” and you’ll meet LOTS of people who buried their doctors in buggers…and now are GOUT-FREE because of it!

Just Say NO to drugs….and choose Wisdom instead. Go grab your very own copy of  Kill Your Gout NOW! right away, so you can say SAYONARA to your Gout Fingers for good!




Gouty Tophi Treatment

by The Gout Wife

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gouty tophi treatment

Gouty Tophi Treatment

Gouty Tophi Treatment is not for wimps.  You think your gout pain is bad?  Just wait till they slice open your fingers, where all those nerve ending are, and SCRAPE OUT the tophi!  This is SERIOUS pain.

I know about this because my husband had it done, and I’ve NEVER seen him so gripped . . . he could barely breath.  If your tophi has gotten so bad that you need a surgical Gouty Tophi Treatment, I offer you my sincere condolences.  This will not be fun.

But the info here at Gout Pictures can help you avoid this torture, if its not too late.

How to Avoid a Gouty Tophi Treatment

First, pull your head out of the sand!  Seriously, my husband and I did not realize what those annoying little hard knobs on his fingers, toes, knees, etc. were.  Until it was too late. So if its not too late for you, and your tophi are still tiny, GET AFTER ‘EM FAST.  Get the facts and get rid of them on your own . . . before a surgeon has to.

The Facts About Gouty Tophi Treatment

Tophus mean one, and tophi means many.  Tophi are deposits are hardened uric acid, specifically monosodium urate crystals.  They sticks to the soft tissues in your joints, and they don’t go away easily.  They especially like to stick to tendons, and if they get too far out of control you might get loose some tendons during a tophi surgery.  My husband did.

So, what is the root cause of gouty tophi?  High uric acid accompanied by a condition called acidosis, where your kidneys are not functioning well due to excess overall acidic body chemistry.  Gout is a lifestyle disease.  And acidosis is caused by poor lifestyle habits like not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep, not eating healthy foods, etc.

Warning:  If you have a doctor or anyone else tell you that gout is purely causes by “genes and purines” . . . run the other way!  This person does NOT know what they are talking about, and I don’t care how many letters they have after their name.

Minimize Your Chances of Needing a Gouty Tophi Treatment

Gout can and should be managed primarily with all-natural means.  The drugs don’t work well, and thus should be a last resort.  There are many many simple lifestyle changes you can make to help you avoid having to get a Gouty Tophi Treatment.

Frankly, if you are finding several lumps of tophi, or even just one tophus, you need to be very aggressive about getting rid of the underlying cause . . . acidosis.  You need to make this the number one top priority in your life.

You should remain under your doctor’s care, but this will NOT be enough to avoid a gouty tophi treatment.  In fact, if you ONLY do what you doctor says you will be needing a surgery sooner than if you complement this with natural ways to reduce uric acid levels.

A Book For Preventing Gouty Tophi Treatment

The only book I know of which has proven natural methods to reduce uric acid levels is called  Kill Your Gout NOW!  I know this because my husband and I scoured the internet, and every other information source we could find, to learn how to get his uric acid levels down.  We finally did get his levels down, and now he never gets gout attacks anymore, and he is not getting tophi lumps anymore.

But there was not single source for this important information.  So he made it!  My husband wrote the book Kill Your Gout NOW! in order to share with you how to naturally reduce your uric acid levels, and your chances are needing a surgical  gouty tophi treatment.

Just click on the colorful picture below where it says “Instant Access” and you’ll learn exactly how to reduce tophi lumps naturally, and how to significantly  improve your odds NEVER needing a Gouty Tophi Treatment.


Gout in Finger Joints

by The Gout Wife

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gout in finger joints

Gout in Finger Joints

Gout in Finger Joints is the WORST . . . 

You cant brush your teeth.
You cant dial your cell phone.
You cant eat with a fork.
You cant do much of anything!

Gout in Finger Joints can last a long time, and because of the cooler temperatures of our extremities (fingers and toes) its harder to dissolve the uric acid crystals.

Gout in Finger Joints is a very common location.

Why?  Well…because of gravity of course!  Let me explain.  We all know that a gout attack comes from uric acid crystals getting lodged in the joint….right?  “Lodged” is the key word here.  The “lodging” happens because of stagnant fluids….and stagnant fluids happen because of inactivity….now add in gravity.  Do your hands hang down most of the day…without a lot of activity?  Can you picture the fluids (blood and lymph) pooling there?  And thus….uric acid crystals pooling there?  Right.  You got it.

So…How Do I Get Rid of Gout in Finger Joints?

Easy.  Two steps:  Move your body, and expand your brain!  That’s right….

  1. Remember that old saying…”Use it or Lose it”.  Gout is like a cob-web…it is found where there is “undisturbed terrain”.  You don’t vacuum behind the chair…next thing you know there is a cob web there.  You don’t move (exercise) your body in SOME form or fashion…next thing you know the ol’ gout in finger joints pays you a visit.
  2.  “Expand your brain” means get yourself educated.  But, not by watching TV ads and asking your doctor!  You see….pharmaceuticals are designed primarily to make PROFIT for the shareholders of pharmaceutical companies.  And doctors are only offered a few hours of OPTIONAL nutritional classes during medical school.  So…neither of these options will give you a decent understanding of the real causes and REAL CURES for gout.

Where to Get Education About Gout in Finger Joints

Right under your nose, of course!   See that colorful picture down below here?  Its for a book called Kill Your Gout NOW! and its the bomb.  Believe me, I’ve read every gout book out there and the others are incomplete.  This one covers it all, from how to make a gout attack stop within 2-4 hours using common grocery store items…to how to make sure you NEVER get another gout attack again.  And believe me…if you don’t follow the formulas in this book, you most likely WILL get another attack of gout in the finger joints, and then another, and another…

Don’t do this to yourself. Go down below here and click where it says “Instant Access” to check out Kill Your Gout NOW! right now . . . and nip it in the bud so you don’t ever get gout in the finger joints again!

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Gout Elbows

by The Gout Wife

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gout elbows

Gout Elbows

Do you see the Gout Elbows on this guy?  Or are you still looking at his ass . . . and laughing?

I don’t know why this picture is so funny, but I couldn’t resist showing it!  Sometimes a little comic-relief can help ease the pain of gout 🙂

OK…back to the elbows.  See those knobby areas on his elbows? Those are what we call “gout elbows“…and here at Gout Pictures we want to help you get rid of them!

What Causes Gout Elbows?

We all know that a gout flare up is caused by uric acid crystals getting lodged into a certain joint.  So…the question is why do they land in one joint vs another?  Well, there is no hard and fast conclusive data on this, but lets use common sense.  If you sit at the computer all day (like I do) you probably use your fingers and hands a lot…but your elbow joints are barely moving at all.  Get it?  When we don’t use our joints (as in MOVE our joints) then the fluid in there becomes stagnant….like a murky pond.  This is the perfect place for uric acid to pool and bring on a gout attack.

Eliminate your Gout Elbows!

No, I don’t mean chop them off. 😀  When I say “eliminate” I’m talking about getting your lymph system all fired up, nice and strong.  This will help you get rid of your gout elbows because gout is mostly caused by your body’s inability to EXCRETE urid acid through the kidneys fast enough.  This is why your rheumatologist probably told you to get some exercise….because exercise pumps the LYMPH around inside your body and this helps to excrete the uric acid.  Excrete is the same thing as eliminate…fancy words for peeing it out!

Common Sense Cures for Gout Elbows

Is this your first gout attack in the elbows? If so, don’t be fooled….it most likely will come back, with a vengeance, if you don’t get proactive about keeping it away.  If this is NOT your first attack then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  So…the REAL question is:  HOW DO I KEEP IT FROM COMING BACK?  You have two options, as follows:

  1. Go see your doctor, and start taking a whole bunch of pharmaceuticals.  Then when you get a bunch of side-effects from those pills, go back to the doctor and get a prescription for a bunch more pharmaceuticals to “manage” the side effects of the first one.  NOTE:  Statistics show that these pharmaceuticals don’t always make the gout attacks stop.
  2. Expand the gray matter between your ears!  See that book down below called Kill Your Gout NOW!  That is HOW to make your gout go away WITHOUT pharmaceuticals.  No Joke.  This book tells you exactly how to make a current gout attack go away in 2-4 HOURS….and then it also shows you how to keep from getting future gout attacks.  NOTE:  Statistics show that these methods DO make the gout attacks stop.

So…this is basically an IQ test!  Hmm…do I want Option #1…a life doomed to taking dozens of pharmaceuticals with side effects ranging from kidney failure to impotency.  OR….do I want to LEARN the all-natural ways to get rid of my gout (immediately and forever), which will also make me feel better in every other way too?

Your Choice!  Prove your smarts and go get that book right below called Kill Your Gout NOW!


What Causes Gout in the Knee

by The Gout Wife

in Knee


What Causes Gout in the Knee

I’ll tell you What Causes Gout in the Knee . . . same thing that causes gout anywhere:  You and Your Wicked Ways! 

Hold on cowboy, before you get your undies all in a bunch and click away . . .  Here’s the real deal:

Anyone who tells you gout comes from genetics is full of caca.  Yes, genetics sometimes plays a minor role, but gout is mostly a lifestyle disease.

Do you see the GOOD NEWS here?  If YOU created your own gout, then YOU can get rid of it all by yourself!  And the info here at Gout Pictures can help you get rid of it FAST!

What Causes Gout in the Knee to Go Away?

Now I’ll tell you What Causes Gout in the Knee to GO AWAY…You and Your Wise Ways!  🙂  Its so EASY to make your own gout go away..when you know exactly what to do.  But first you gotta Get Savvy, and then you gotta get Smart.  Huh?

GET SAVVY means to be rise above the TV commercials . . . and be REALISTIC.  Sad but true:  Our medical system now caters to the quarterly earning reports of the pharmaceutical companies.  What are the chances of going to the doctor FOR ANYTHING and getting outta there WITHOUT a prescription?  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Get it?

So, when you go to the doctor, or even the special rheumatologist, and ask how to get rid of gout…what do you think will happen?  That’s right…you’ll be given a prescription for some drugs to “manage the symptoms”.  This has absolutely NOTHING to do with truly getting rid of gout.  The doctors simply do not know how to address the root causes of gout . . . that is not what they are trained to know about.

GET SMART mean to take control of your own health, to regain your independence, and thumb your nose at the drug companies showing them that you don’t need or want their over-priced, side-effect-ridden products.  How’s that for some ATTITUDE!  Yep.  Its about getting back to the basics of life….the common sense ways to be healthy, that work.

Learn the TRUTH about What Causes Gout in the Knee

Its simple, really.  Once you actually KNOW what causes gout in the knee…then you just do the opposite!  OK, OK.  That may be a slight over simplification, because there are some shortcuts for how to get rid of gout fast, and inexpensively.  And those shortcuts are all mapped out in my husband’s book Kill Your Gout NOW!

That’s right.  My husband USED to have gout worse than anyone you ever met.  For 13 years he endured a couple of gout attacks per month, all the while taking loads of pharmaceuticals . . . to no avail.  The attacks kept coming, and got worse.

One day he got totally fed up and declared war:  Its me or the gout beast.  It was a dual to the death!  He won 🙂  After thousands of hours of research, and thousands of dollars of trial and error, he cracked the gout code and chased away the gout beast once and for all.  Now, he has not had a single attack in YEARS!

A Book Was Born About What Causes Gout in the Knee

But then he was saddled with guilt.  He could barely enjoy his new gout-free life, knowing that there are millions of fellow gout-sufferers out there who need to know what he figured out.  So he wrote it all down in his book Kill Your Gout NOW!

In his book, he gives you a formula for exactly how to get rid of gout pain in 2-4 hours!  Then, he goes on to show you exactly what to do to make sure your gout doesn’t come back….ever.

So . . . are you going to stick your head in the sand, go to the doctor like a good little sheep, take whatever pills are prescribed . . . and live a life ridden with side-effects and ongoing worsening gout attacks?

Or…are you ready to GET SMART?  I thought so.  Just click below on that colorful picture where it says “Instant Access” and learn how to stop accidentally doing what causes gout in the knee, to tell your rheumatologist Bye Bye, and to tell the pharmaceutical companies to stick it you know where!


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Gout in Foot

May 12, 2011

Gout in Foot Can Lead to …Tophi All Over the Foot!  Yikes. Of all the gout pictures I’ve seen this one makes my skin crawl. And THIS can happen to you… if you stick your head in the sand.  Don’t do it! Pull your head out…fast!  Out of the sand, I mean 🙂 Don’t fool […]

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