Gout Elbows

by The Gout Wife

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gout elbows

Gout Elbows

Do you see the Gout Elbows on this guy?  Or are you still looking at his ass . . . and laughing?

I don’t know why this picture is so funny, but I couldn’t resist showing it!  Sometimes a little comic-relief can help ease the pain of gout 🙂

OK…back to the elbows.  See those knobby areas on his elbows? Those are what we call “gout elbows“…and here at Gout Pictures we want to help you get rid of them!

What Causes Gout Elbows?

We all know that a gout flare up is caused by uric acid crystals getting lodged into a certain joint.  So…the question is why do they land in one joint vs another?  Well, there is no hard and fast conclusive data on this, but lets use common sense.  If you sit at the computer all day (like I do) you probably use your fingers and hands a lot…but your elbow joints are barely moving at all.  Get it?  When we don’t use our joints (as in MOVE our joints) then the fluid in there becomes stagnant….like a murky pond.  This is the perfect place for uric acid to pool and bring on a gout attack.

Eliminate your Gout Elbows!

No, I don’t mean chop them off. 😀  When I say “eliminate” I’m talking about getting your lymph system all fired up, nice and strong.  This will help you get rid of your gout elbows because gout is mostly caused by your body’s inability to EXCRETE urid acid through the kidneys fast enough.  This is why your rheumatologist probably told you to get some exercise….because exercise pumps the LYMPH around inside your body and this helps to excrete the uric acid.  Excrete is the same thing as eliminate…fancy words for peeing it out!

Common Sense Cures for Gout Elbows

Is this your first gout attack in the elbows? If so, don’t be fooled….it most likely will come back, with a vengeance, if you don’t get proactive about keeping it away.  If this is NOT your first attack then you know exactly what I’m talking about.  So…the REAL question is:  HOW DO I KEEP IT FROM COMING BACK?  You have two options, as follows:

  1. Go see your doctor, and start taking a whole bunch of pharmaceuticals.  Then when you get a bunch of side-effects from those pills, go back to the doctor and get a prescription for a bunch more pharmaceuticals to “manage” the side effects of the first one.  NOTE:  Statistics show that these pharmaceuticals don’t always make the gout attacks stop.
  2. Expand the gray matter between your ears!  See that book down below called Kill Your Gout NOW!  That is HOW to make your gout go away WITHOUT pharmaceuticals.  No Joke.  This book tells you exactly how to make a current gout attack go away in 2-4 HOURS….and then it also shows you how to keep from getting future gout attacks.  NOTE:  Statistics show that these methods DO make the gout attacks stop.

So…this is basically an IQ test!  Hmm…do I want Option #1…a life doomed to taking dozens of pharmaceuticals with side effects ranging from kidney failure to impotency.  OR….do I want to LEARN the all-natural ways to get rid of my gout (immediately and forever), which will also make me feel better in every other way too?

Your Choice!  Prove your smarts and go get that book right below called Kill Your Gout NOW!