Gout Fingers

by The Gout Wife

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gout fingers

Gout Fingers

Gout Fingers are the worst.  Babies suck their thumbs, and those with gout fingers suck air…hyperventilating in pain! Feel like you are reduced to a baby?  Crying? Whining?  I know.  As The Gout Wife, I’ve been on the other side of it.  I’ve watched my strong independent husband beg for mercy from the Gout Gods…to no avail.  For 13 years he suffered HORRIBLE gout attacks about twice per month.  The whole time under his doctor’s watch, until…he got a dose of true WISDOM.

The Wise Way to Get Rid of Gout Fingers

A DOSE of wisdom vs a DOSE of drugs.  My husband and I learned the hard way…there are two kinds of DOSES in the world. Those that are designed to help YOU, the receiver of the dose, and those that are designed to help the THEM, the giver of the dose. Too often in this day and age the doser is actually a hoser!

Today’s Doser: A person (usually a doctor) legally given the right to prescribe pharmaceuticals.  The doser recieves ample training from the Big Pharma companies, lucrative incentives to dish out the dosing, and threats from their medical malpractice carrier if they DON’T dish out these doses! Get it?

Today’s Dosee: You….someone who simply needs help with their gout fingers.  You THINK you are doing the right thing to go to your doctor.  That is what you mom told you to do when you’re sick, right?  That is what all the TV ads told you to do, right? That is what your insurance company told you to do, right?  Do I hear an echo in here?

Ready for a DOSE of Reality about Gout Fingers?

We live in a weird world these days. The pharmaceutical industry is one of the largest lobbying groups in Washington; they are one of the largest purchasers of TV advertising airtime; They are driven by the need to satisfy stockholders…NOT YOU.  They don’t give a crap about satisfying you.  So long as the docs keep writing the scripts, and you keep taking their pills..they stay fat.  And your gout fingers stay fat, too.

How to NOT get Hosed by the Dosers

1.  Take ownership of your own health.  Here’s how:  Place your thumb to the underside of your nose.  Now…FLIP!  Sling those buggers at em! Congratulations.  You have now stepped into your own power, and are one step closer to being FREE of those hoser-dosers. 🙂

2.  Next step:  Treat yourself to a dose of  TRUE WISDOM!  After 13 years of recurring gout pain, my husband got totally fed up, went on a mission to take matters into his own hands, and uncovered the simple secrets for how to completely get rid of his gout, naturally.

He wrote everything he learned THAT WORKED  in his book called Kill Your Gout NOW!  No BS…pure common sense proven facts that you can easily and affordable use.  And if you want to hear about how Kill Your Gout NOW! has worked for many others too, click where it says “Instant Access” and you’ll meet LOTS of people who buried their doctors in buggers…and now are GOUT-FREE because of it!

Just Say NO to drugs….and choose Wisdom instead. Go grab your very own copy of  Kill Your Gout NOW! right away, so you can say SAYONARA to your Gout Fingers for good!