What is Foot Gout?

foot gout

Foot Gout

Foot Gout is when your foot swells up like a watermelon and you want to dice it up, gnaw on it and spit out the seeds! Does your foot look anything like this gout picture? If so, you probably have Foot Gout. Drag. Major Bummer. Is you foot gout so bad that you can’t put any weight on it, and can’t put a shoe on it? Is it hot to the touch, and if anyone touches it you might commit murder? Don’t. No Need. Before getting yourself thrown in the slammer, let me show you the way out of foot gout hell. Follow me….

How to Get out of Foot Gout Hell

The way out of Foot Gout Hell is a road called “Get Smart Lane”. Yep. Its NOT the road called “Go to the doctor for year after year, take lots of drugs, and still have one gout attack after another.” Nope. Its about getting the facts installed into that gray matter right in between your ears….then taking action! And if you think that “Get Smart Lane” is paved with impossible advice like “stop eating meat”…you’re wrong.

How can I know this? I watched my husband go totally vegetarian (which is NOT in his DNA) and that made his gout worse! Yes, the pavement of “Get Smart Lane” gives you permission to eat meat, even shellfish, drink wine, and plenty of other vices! Sound too good to be true? Its not. You see….the bulk of common “wisdom” out there about foot gout is bologna. Pure Oscar Meyer. Which, by the way, you can eat and still be gout free!

What CAN I Eat and NOT get Foot Gout?

Just about anything you want…so long as you balance out the bad stuff with the good stuff. So…what’s bad and what’s good? Glad you asked! Now you’re getting that gray matter fired up! The “bad” and “good” lists are completely outlined in the book Kill Your Gout NOW!. Yep. This is the BEST source of non-bologna gout info available.

This book gives you TWO things. First, it gives you a simple formula of common grocery store items that can make your foot gout attack GO AWAY in 2-hours. Yes, I said 2-hours. Second, it gives you the “road-map” for how to live GOUT-FREE forever. No Drugs. No Doctors. Just a solid road-map of what really works so you never get foot gout again.

How solid is this road-map? Everything in Kill Your Gout NOW! has been TESTED by my husband and PROVEN to eliminate gout . You can just follow this book LIKE A ROAD-MAP and live a life free of foot gout…forever.

what is gout in the foot

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