Gout in Foot

by The Gout Wife

in Foot

gout in foot

Gout in Foot

Gout in Foot Can Lead to …Tophi All Over the Foot!  Yikes. Of all the gout pictures I’ve seen this one makes my skin crawl.

And THIS can happen to you… if you stick your head in the sand.  Don’t do it! Pull your head out…fast!  Out of the sand, I mean 🙂

Don’t fool yourself by thinking that THIS will be your last gout in foot attack.  Once gout shows up, it wont go away unless you MAKE it go away.

Your health is like a train roaring down the track . . . it keeps going in the same direction unless there is a clear fork in the track and SOMEONE pulls the lever to re-direct the train.

How to Get Rid of Gout in Foot

YOU are the conductor of your own train. You either keep doing what you’ve been doing…and keep getting gout attacks.  OR…you do things differently and DO NOT keep getting gout attacks.  Simple!  This is called MOMENTUM.  The Law of Physics says an object in motion WILL keep going in the same direction, unless an OUTSIDE force acts upon it to change its direction.

YOU can and MUST be your own “outside force” . . . to change the direction that your health is going.  Otherwise, your gout in foot will become a glob of lumpy tophi in foot, never to be walked on again.

Gout in Foot vs Big Pharma

Did you know that YOU can DECIDE whether or not to have gout?  Whether or not to get gout in foot ever again?  Its true.  You are NOT a victim of your genetics.

That’s right.  SOME would say that gout is genetically driven…and that there is nothing you can do to change it.  Then those same people offer you a lifetime sentence of taking expensive pharmaceuticals…claiming this is your only hope.  Hum.  I smell a rotten egg.

I wonder WHO would be benefiting from such a viewpoint.  Hmmm… maybe the pharmaceutical industry?  Wow, imagine that.  Could it be that those quarterly-report-driven CEO’s are more concerned about their financial gain than your health?  Naw…those are NICE people…they wouldn’t’ do THAT!  But if you, like me, think there is a remote possibility of it….read on.

Gout in Foot Can Be Reversed in 2-4 Hours

Gout is a totally controllable condition. NATURALLY.   Without pharmaceuticals.  This is a FACT…which I know without a shadow of a doubt because my husband has proven it to be true.

You see, he had horrible gout attacks twice each month for 13 years….the whole time obeying his doctor’s orders and needlessly padding the pockets of Big Pharma.  THEN, he discovered the hidden truth about how easy it is to control gout naturally.

Yes, he was bold.  He took matters into his own hands, and completely eliminated gout from his life.  And then he was even MORE bold.  He wrote all these hidden truths down in a book called  Kill Your Gout NOW! He blew the whistle on Big Pharma, telling the whole world how to get rid of a gout attack in just 2-4 hours!  And better yet, he then goes on to divulge exactly how to NEVER get another gout attack!  He is a true heretic, and I love him for it 🙂

No More Gout in Foot

These discoveries got rid of his gout AND gave him back his independence. He is no longer the gout-fearing pill-popping man they had turned him into.  He now OWNS his vital health…and he does NOT get gout attacks anymore, ever .

If you would like to regain control of your life, and get rid of your gout in foot ALL BY YOURSELF….just go get his book Kill Your Gout NOW! and he’ll show you exactly how.

The alternative is to let Big Pharma suck your blood for the rest of your life…like a vampire. Leaving you not only with gout in foot, but also all the side effects of those toxic drugs.  Remember what Nancy said:  Just Say No To DRUGS!