What is Gout in the Foot

by The Gout Wife

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What is Gout in the Foot?  Believe me…You DON’T Want to Know!

what is gout in the foot

What is Gout in the Foot

And if you’re asking “What is Gout in the Foot” it means you’ve probably got it.  Or worse yet…its got you!

Gout is a Dastardly Dragon that comes up from the bottom of the swamp and sinks its teeth in.  Usually this happens in the middle of the night….and you wake up asking “what the bleep” did I do to my foot?

When asking “What is Gout in the Foot” lets get more specific and ask 4 questions:  What is gout? What causes gout?  Why is it in my foot? and How do I get rid of it?  Lets take these one at a time, shall we?

What is Gout in the Foot – What is Gout?

Simply Put:  It’s your body’s way of saying “If you’re gonna treat me badly, I’m gonna show you who’s boss!”  Yes, it’s your body’s way of stopping you in your tracks and DEMANDING that you start taking better care of yourself.

What?  You want the technical answer?  OK.  Gout is the result of piling up of too much acidic chemistry (especially uric acid) inside your body.  A gout attack is when the uric acid turns from a liquid into a solid (monosodium urate crystals), and the crystals lodge into the soft tissues of your foot.  This then brings on an inflammatory response, which makes your foot get hot, swollen, red and excruciatingly painful.

What is Gout in the Foot – What Causes Gout?

The underlying question here is:  What causes too much acid in the body?  Answer:  Processed foods, environmental toxins, polluted water and air, stress, lack of sleep, lack of exercise, etc.

Normally our kidneys can regulate our pH to keep our acid levels where they should be…but when we overload our bodies with too much acid, they just cant keep up.  Gout is primarily caused by your kidneys not being able to excrete uric acid fast enough.

What Causes Gout in the Foot – Why is it in my Foot?

Picture the oil in your car engine.  Its supposed to be clean, right?  But when it gets dirty it gets sticky and then it doesn’t FLOW like it should . . . and it can lock up your engine.  With gout, your blood and your lymph are supposed to be clean and fluid, but when they get dirty and sticky they can lock up your joints.

So why the foot?  Gravity and Temperature.  Its harder for the blood and lymph way down there to flow back uphill….especially when it is dirty and sticky!  Plus, it is known that uric acid crystallizes more readily in cooler temperatures . . . and our extremities (hands and feet) are cooler.  THAT is what causes gout in the foot.

What Causes Gout in the Foot – How do I Get RID of it?

Ah!  Now you are asking the right question, grasshopper!  Two answers:

1.  First there is a “formula” you can make at home that will make a gout attack stop in 2-4 hours.

2.  Second, there is road map for how to make sure your gout never comes back.

All this information is in the popular book Kill Your Gout NOW!  How do I know?  Because my husband had gout WORSE than anyone else.  He tried everything from pharmaceuticals, to vegetarianism, to not drinking ANY alcohol…and he STILL had terrible gout.

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