Gouty Tophi Treatment

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gouty tophi treatment

Gouty Tophi Treatment

Gouty Tophi Treatment is not for wimps.  You think your gout pain is bad?  Just wait till they slice open your fingers, where all those nerve ending are, and SCRAPE OUT the tophi!  This is SERIOUS pain.

I know about this because my husband had it done, and I’ve NEVER seen him so gripped . . . he could barely breath.  If your tophi has gotten so bad that you need a surgical Gouty Tophi Treatment, I offer you my sincere condolences.  This will not be fun.

But the info here at Gout Pictures can help you avoid this torture, if its not too late.

How to Avoid a Gouty Tophi Treatment

First, pull your head out of the sand!  Seriously, my husband and I did not realize what those annoying little hard knobs on his fingers, toes, knees, etc. were.  Until it was too late. So if its not too late for you, and your tophi are still tiny, GET AFTER ‘EM FAST.  Get the facts and get rid of them on your own . . . before a surgeon has to.

The Facts About Gouty Tophi Treatment

Tophus mean one, and tophi means many.  Tophi are deposits are hardened uric acid, specifically monosodium urate crystals.  They sticks to the soft tissues in your joints, and they don’t go away easily.  They especially like to stick to tendons, and if they get too far out of control you might get loose some tendons during a tophi surgery.  My husband did.

So, what is the root cause of gouty tophi?  High uric acid accompanied by a condition called acidosis, where your kidneys are not functioning well due to excess overall acidic body chemistry.  Gout is a lifestyle disease.  And acidosis is caused by poor lifestyle habits like not drinking enough water, not getting enough sleep, not eating healthy foods, etc.

Warning:  If you have a doctor or anyone else tell you that gout is purely causes by “genes and purines” . . . run the other way!  This person does NOT know what they are talking about, and I don’t care how many letters they have after their name.

Minimize Your Chances of Needing a Gouty Tophi Treatment

Gout can and should be managed primarily with all-natural means.  The drugs don’t work well, and thus should be a last resort.  There are many many simple lifestyle changes you can make to help you avoid having to get a Gouty Tophi Treatment.

Frankly, if you are finding several lumps of tophi, or even just one tophus, you need to be very aggressive about getting rid of the underlying cause . . . acidosis.  You need to make this the number one top priority in your life.

You should remain under your doctor’s care, but this will NOT be enough to avoid a gouty tophi treatment.  In fact, if you ONLY do what you doctor says you will be needing a surgery sooner than if you complement this with natural ways to reduce uric acid levels.

A Book For Preventing Gouty Tophi Treatment

The only book I know of which has proven natural methods to reduce uric acid levels is called  Kill Your Gout NOW!  I know this because my husband and I scoured the internet, and every other information source we could find, to learn how to get his uric acid levels down.  We finally did get his levels down, and now he never gets gout attacks anymore, and he is not getting tophi lumps anymore.

But there was not single source for this important information.  So he made it!  My husband wrote the book Kill Your Gout NOW! in order to share with you how to naturally reduce your uric acid levels, and your chances are needing a surgical  gouty tophi treatment.

Just click on the colorful picture below where it says “Instant Access” and you’ll learn exactly how to reduce tophi lumps naturally, and how to significantly  improve your odds NEVER needing a Gouty Tophi Treatment.