Gouty Tophus

by The Gout Wife

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gouty tophus

Gouty Tophus

Gouty Tophus is Your Last Warning Sign, because Gouty Tophus in your internal organs means….you die. No joke.

You see all those gouty tophus lumps in these gout pictures?  Now visualize these same lumps inside your kidneys and liver.  Yep . . . you’re toast.

Gouty tophus appears in the FINAL STAGES of gout…when your high uric acid levels have run rampant for WAY too long.

I hope your gouty tophus is not as extreme as this picture, but ANY AMOUNT of gouty tophus is a BIG RED FLAG.  Time to wake up and take action fast!

The 4 Phases Leading up to Gouty Tophus

Gout is like a sneaky black widow. First she moves into your house, but you don’t see her.  Next, you start to see “signs” of her presence…cob webs.  Then, you start to see HER everywhere, because she has laid eggs and multiplied.  Finally, you wake up in the morning and there she is under the covers with you . . . plus you have a huge welt on your toe and you are having trouble breathing.  Hope you make it to the hospital in time . . . otherwise, she GOT you!

Stage One: You’ve Got Gout, but You Don’t Know it. You have HIGH levels of uric acid in your bloodstream, but you have not YET had a gout attack so you don’t even  know that you are in the process of “creating your disease”.  Usually the levels are high because your kidneys are not functioning well, and the uric acid is not being excreted at the rate it should be.

Stage Two: You Get Your First Gout Attack. Holy Cow!  THAT HURTS!  You think it appeared out of nowhere, but that is because you didn’t know before that you were in Stage One.

Stage Three: You Get Gout Attacks Off and On . . . which over time become more ON than OFF.  Maybe you go a couple of weeks in between attacks, maybe a couple of months.  BUT,  you’ve kind of gotten used to them and you think this is now just part of your life. Plus, you start to notice these weird little hard lumps under the skin…maybe on your fingers, maybe on your toes.  These lumps are hardened deposits of monosodium urate crystals, solidified uric acid.

Stage Four: You can hardly hold down a job because you spend more days WITH a gout attack than WITHOUT.  These little hard lumps are now on many of your joints, and getting bigger.  Then your back starts to KILL you…you’ve got kidney stones (internal gouty tophus).  You are pushing your luck on your body’s ability to keep you alive.

How To Get Rid of Gouty Tophus Fast

If you’ve been reading my other posts you know that I don’t have much appreciation for the advice of doctors.  BUT, if you’ve got gouty tophus all over your body . . . you do need to get your ass to the doctor fast.  Yes, there are LOTS of things you can and should be doing IN ADDITION TO doing what your doc says, but YOU have let this go WAY too far . . . and I don’t want you dying on my watch.

So, get your ass to the doc quick. At the same time, grab your own copy of the book Kill Your Gout NOW!  This is essential.  This book, and the follow-up video tutorial program, has EVERYTHING you need to learn so that you can stop increasing your uric acid levels, and hopefully save your life if its not too late.

The point is YOU NEED TO DO EVERYTHING YOU CAN to get rid of your gout and your gouty tophus IMMEDIATELY . . . otherwise you’re TOAST.  Burnt toast.  So, go get the book Kill Your Gout NOW!I’m not going to sugar-coat this.  If you don’t want to fork out a few measly bucks to learn how to save your life, then you might as well you take a gun to your head right now.  This is an IQ Test…and if you don’t get this book YOU FLUNK!

Go Get Kill Your Gout NOW! right now . . . and then get your ass to the doctor asap.  This way you can quickly begin to get rid of your gout and your gouty tophus!