Got Hand Gout?

You’ll know you have hand gout if it feels like your hand got smashed in a car door. Does it look like this gout picture? If so…you probably have Hand Gout. Ouch! Have you had it before…or is this the first flare? If this is the first one…be prepared….it will probably NOT be the last. Unless you get on top of it. Did you know that gout is NOT caused only by genetics? Yep. It is mostly a lifestyle disease. That means you can get rid of it by gaining a little KNOWLEDGE and “tweaking” your lifestyle choices.

How Do I Get Rid of Hand Gout?

Simple. Just get the facts about what CAUSES gout…and do the opposite! However, be on guard: There is a lot of FALSE INFO out there about what causes hand gout. Make sure you are getting SOLID facts….not a marketing story designed to get you to buy something you dont need.

For example: If you watch TV you probably see LOTS of advertisements from pharmaceutical companies. Do you realize that these commercials are DESIGNED to get you to take pharmaceuticals…not to get you to the place where you dont need pharmaceuticals? Get it? Again, be on guard.

Another example: As you go about your research you will probably be told that gout is primarily caused by genetics….you inherited it from your parents and grandparents. NOT TRUE! If they had “the gout” its likely because they had the same lifestyle patterns that you have. That is the good news! Thus…you can tweak your lifestyle choices and NOT get hand gout anymore.

What Choices Will Help Me Avoid Hand Gout?

The simple ones. Avoiding hand gout with lifestyle choices is truly simple once you KNOW exactly what to do. The best way to KNOW is to LEARN from the pro . . . The Gout Killer. And he’s put it all down in his book Kill Your Gout NOW!

He’s spent about 17 YEARS collecting all the best data about how to get rid of gout. He shows it to you in an “easy to understand” way in this book. Trust me. I’ve seen every gout book out there. Most are either incomplete, inaccurate, or both. This one is for real.

In Kill Your Gout NOW! you will learn two things: First, how to get rid of gout attack in 2-4 hours. Yes, I said 2-4 hours! Next, you will get access to a roadmap for exactly how to keep from ever getting another gout attack…ever. How can I be so sure?

My husband, The Gout Killer, wrote this book! After having horrible gout for 13 years, and after trying everything but nothing made the gout attacks stop, he finally cracked the code. And THAT was the end of his gout attacks.

Do yourself a favor and SKIP the 13 years of misery that we went through. Get your very own copy of Kill Your Gout NOW! and say Bye-Bye to hand gout…now and for good!

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