Gout Hands

by The Gout Wife

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gout hands

Gout Hands

Having gout hands is about as bad as  chopping off your hands except it hurts more.  Right?

Are both of your hands (or even just one) hot, swollen, incredibly painful, stiff, and basically unusable?

Did this seem to appear out of nowhere, and you’re trying to remember if you fell down and landed on your hand?  Probably not.  More than  likely, you got Gout Hands!

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What Causes Gout Hands?

Being BAD causes gout hands! What?  You haven’t been bad?  Hmmm…lets take inventory.  Have you been:

  1. Working too much and not sleeping enough?
  2. Totally stressed out at home and/or on the job?
  3. Eating on the fly…stuffing down whatever is quick?
  4. Drinking more coffee and beer than water?
  5. Pushing buttons on the remote control as your main form of exercise?

If you answered YES to these questions, then you have been BAD!  And I can just hear you: “What’s all that got to do with gout hands?”  The common thread in that list is ACIDITY.

How Does Acidity Cause Gout Hands?

We’re talking pH test strips…like when they check swimming pools to see if the water is safe to swim in.  SAME THING HAPPENS INSIDE OF YOU.  If your internal fluids (body water) are too low on the pH scale….you get Gout hands!  It is so simple, AND correcting your pH is simple too.

But if your ask you American doctor about acidosis being the cause of gout . . . he or she will think you’re nuts.  Why?  Because American medical schools don’t teach this . . . but medical schools in other parts of the world sure do.   Don’t believe me?  Try it!  We did.

Yes….my husband had gout BAD for 13 years, and his doctor NEVER talked to him about body pH.  Then he went on a reconnaissance learning mission, and found out about the connection between body pH and gout.  He corrected his acidosis quickly and easily, and voila . . . NO MORE GOUT!

But the amazing thing was when he told his doctor how he got rid of his gout . . . his doctor didn’t believe him, and frankly he didn’t seem to care!  Maybe it threatened his ego.  Maybe his 6 minutes for the office visit were up.  Who knows.

How to Get Rid of Gout Hands

The fastest way to get rid of Gout Hands is to do what my hubby did, which he descibes in great detail in his book Kill Your Gout NOW!  His book contains EVERYTHING you need to know to quickly and easily get rid of your gout.  It has a formula of common grocery store items that will make your gout attack go away in 2-4 hours.  And it has a COMPLETE LIST of what you need to do make sure you NEVER AGAIN get gout hands.

Click where it says “Instant Access” to learn more about the book Kill Your Gout NOW!  and get ready to say BYE BYE to your gout hands for good!