Gout in Hands

by The Gout Wife

in Hand

gout in hands

Gout in Hands

Who Has Gout in HandsYou?

  • Finding it hard to work?
  • Hard to eat and drink?
  • Hard to sleep?
  • Hard to do ANYTHING?

Yep.  Sounds like you got Gout in Hands.  Now that your hands are useless you might as well chop ’em off . . . that’ll make the pain go away fast! 🙂 Just kidding!  Don’t do it!

The info here at Gout Pictures can help you get rid of your gout quickly…and safely!

What Causes Gout in Hands?

Same things that cause gout anywhere . . . BAD HABITS!  Habits for Breathing, Drinking, Eating, Sleeping, Moving, Detoxifying, and Managing Stress.  Bet you didn’t know that all those HABITS are what gives your gout in hands!

Please don’t feel too bad….its not like they teach us this stuff in high-school (although they SHOULD).  So…why this funny list?  Isn’t gout all about purines in our diet?  No!  Absolutely NOT.

Here’s a “Health-IQ test” for you:  What is the common element in the above list of habits?  What ONE thing is common to all seven of these habits?  Acid.  And I don’t mean LSD!

What Does Acid Have to Do With Gout in Hands?

Ever heard of uric acid?  Ever focused on the word “acid” in uric acid?  Here’s the deal:  There is something called an “acid-alkaline balance” in our bodies.  If this chemistry gets out of balance, then any number of diseases can show up.  For some of us…it shows up as a painful gout attack.

This happens when we are TOO ACIDIC in an overall way.  Gout is not JUST about uric acid.  So…all those 7 bad habits listed above are what make us TOO acidic…causing the gout in our hands, and everywhere else too.

How Do I Get Rid of Gout in Hands?

That’s easy:  Get Smart!  LEARN the BASICS of how to get your body’s “acid-alkaline balance” back in balance, following the easy steps outlined in the book Kill Your Gout NOW!

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