What Causes Gout in the Knee

by The Gout Wife

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What Causes Gout in the Knee

I’ll tell you What Causes Gout in the Knee . . . same thing that causes gout anywhere:  You and Your Wicked Ways! 

Hold on cowboy, before you get your undies all in a bunch and click away . . .  Here’s the real deal:

Anyone who tells you gout comes from genetics is full of caca.  Yes, genetics sometimes plays a minor role, but gout is mostly a lifestyle disease.

Do you see the GOOD NEWS here?  If YOU created your own gout, then YOU can get rid of it all by yourself!  And the info here at Gout Pictures can help you get rid of it FAST!

What Causes Gout in the Knee to Go Away?

Now I’ll tell you What Causes Gout in the Knee to GO AWAY…You and Your Wise Ways!  🙂  Its so EASY to make your own gout go away..when you know exactly what to do.  But first you gotta Get Savvy, and then you gotta get Smart.  Huh?

GET SAVVY means to be rise above the TV commercials . . . and be REALISTIC.  Sad but true:  Our medical system now caters to the quarterly earning reports of the pharmaceutical companies.  What are the chances of going to the doctor FOR ANYTHING and getting outta there WITHOUT a prescription?  Zip.  Zilch.  Nada.  Get it?

So, when you go to the doctor, or even the special rheumatologist, and ask how to get rid of gout…what do you think will happen?  That’s right…you’ll be given a prescription for some drugs to “manage the symptoms”.  This has absolutely NOTHING to do with truly getting rid of gout.  The doctors simply do not know how to address the root causes of gout . . . that is not what they are trained to know about.

GET SMART mean to take control of your own health, to regain your independence, and thumb your nose at the drug companies showing them that you don’t need or want their over-priced, side-effect-ridden products.  How’s that for some ATTITUDE!  Yep.  Its about getting back to the basics of life….the common sense ways to be healthy, that work.

Learn the TRUTH about What Causes Gout in the Knee

Its simple, really.  Once you actually KNOW what causes gout in the knee…then you just do the opposite!  OK, OK.  That may be a slight over simplification, because there are some shortcuts for how to get rid of gout fast, and inexpensively.  And those shortcuts are all mapped out in my husband’s book Kill Your Gout NOW!

That’s right.  My husband USED to have gout worse than anyone you ever met.  For 13 years he endured a couple of gout attacks per month, all the while taking loads of pharmaceuticals . . . to no avail.  The attacks kept coming, and got worse.

One day he got totally fed up and declared war:  Its me or the gout beast.  It was a dual to the death!  He won 🙂  After thousands of hours of research, and thousands of dollars of trial and error, he cracked the gout code and chased away the gout beast once and for all.  Now, he has not had a single attack in YEARS!

A Book Was Born About What Causes Gout in the Knee

But then he was saddled with guilt.  He could barely enjoy his new gout-free life, knowing that there are millions of fellow gout-sufferers out there who need to know what he figured out.  So he wrote it all down in his book Kill Your Gout NOW!

In his book, he gives you a formula for exactly how to get rid of gout pain in 2-4 hours!  Then, he goes on to show you exactly what to do to make sure your gout doesn’t come back….ever.

So . . . are you going to stick your head in the sand, go to the doctor like a good little sheep, take whatever pills are prescribed . . . and live a life ridden with side-effects and ongoing worsening gout attacks?

Or…are you ready to GET SMART?  I thought so.  Just click below on that colorful picture where it says “Instant Access” and learn how to stop accidentally doing what causes gout in the knee, to tell your rheumatologist Bye Bye, and to tell the pharmaceutical companies to stick it you know where!