Symptoms of Gout in the Toe

by The Gout Wife

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symptoms of gout in the toe

Symptoms of Gout in the Toe

The most common Symptoms of Gout in the Toe include . . . Crawling, Crying, Cringing . . . and Snapping at loved ones!

All kidding aside, if this is your first close encounter with gout, you surely need to know about the symptoms of gout in the toe so that you can determine if in fact this is a gout attack you are having.

First, let me point out that the big toe is the most common location for a gout attack.

The below Checklist here at Gout Pictures can help you know for sure.

A Checklist of Symptoms of Gout in the Toe:

  • The body or base of the toe is swollen.
  • It is red in color and hot to the touch.
  • Putting weight on it is out of the question.
  • Having anything touching it (like a sock) is out.
  • It is throbbing no matter where you position it.
  • You’re trying to remember if you stubbed it.
  • This seems to have come out of no where.

The above list gives you a quick survey….if you have half or more of the above symptoms of gout in the toe….then you probably do have gout.

The only way to be 100% sure is to have your doctor stick a needle in there and analyze the fluid.  But I am here to tell you that is probably a waste of time…plus it will hurt.  If the doctor does confirm that it is GOUT, then you will be given a pharmaceutical….which is only a band aid on the problem.  To REALLY get rid of it, read on.

How to get RID of the Symptoms of Gout in the Toe

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