What Causes Gout in Toe

by The Gout Wife

in Toe

what causes gout in toe

What Causes Gout in Toe

The answer to “what causes gout in toe?” completely depends upon who you ask.

If you ask your doctor you”ll hear:  “What causes gout in the toe is your genetics”.  If you ask The Gout Wife (me, the author of Gout Pictures) you’ll hear:  “What causes gout in toe is . . . ACIDOSIS.”

Now, keep in mind that The Gout Wife did not come up with this theory, but she did prove it to be true. Let me explain.

Acidosis is What Causes Gout in Toe

For 13 aweful years my husband, The Gout Killer, used to have gout worse than anyone you ever met, probably including you.  He went to the doctor religiously, ate the low-purine diet, took all the pharmaceuticals that are supposed to overcome his genetic “defect” . . . and he STILL his gout just got worse and worse.

Then he stumbled upon the concept of ACIDOSIS as the root of his gout.  And when he corrected what was causing his acidosis . . . NO MORE GOUT!

The TRUTH behind What Causes Gout in Toe

Now, we all know that “truth” is a relative term. What is true for me may not be true for you.  What may seem “true” to your doctor may not seem “true” to you, especially after all his advice doesn’t work!  So lets tackle this question by focusing on the word “Cause”.

We also all know that western medicine is famous for treating disease symptoms, not causes.  Given the typical medical training, your doctor’s “truth” will likely have more to do with treating the symptoms of gout, not the causes.

If you want to REALLY get rid of your gout you MUST focus on the ROOT CAUSE, which is acidosis.  And when you do . . . no more gout!

Going After the ROOT of What Causes Gout in Toe

Going after the ROOT of what causes gout in toe is just that:  GOING AFTER IT.  You gotta be like a dog going after a bone, and like a cat going after a mouse . . . you gotta really GO AFTER IT.  You gotta be assertive, aggressive, focused, smart, determined, and persevering!

That’s what my husband did.  When he got tired of living in gout-hell year after year, he decided he was going to RISE ABOVE it one way or another!  He spent thousands of hours researching natural treatments, and thousands of dollars doing trial and error with every option . . . determined to find something that would work.

And he DID.  When he discovered the secret formula for how to get rid of gout naturally, that was THE END of his gout.  Now, he hasn’t had a gout attack in many years!  Next up for him, was to set out on the task of getting his new-found wisdom out there to share with other fellow gout-sufferers . . . which resulted in the birth of his book Kill Your Gout NOW!.

The Bible of What Causes Gout in Toe

If you want to skip the thousands of hours and dollars my husband spent learning how to get rid of gout, you can just grab your own copy of his book.  I invite you to click on the colorful picture below, where it says “Instant Access” and hear more about how these common-sense home-remedy methods have worked for many others ex-gout-sufferers who got the book 🙂

This book is like a ROAD MAP so that when you GO AFTER IT . . . you can know that you are GOING in the right direction!  Don’t’ do what my husband did, and GO in the wrong direction for 13 years (based on his doctor’s advice).  Nope.  Kill Your Gout NOW! is the quickest proven way to get rid of your gout . . . immediately and forever.

Best of all, his book gives you a formula for how to get rid of gout pain in 2-4 hours, followed by an outline of  exactly how to eliminate gout once and for all, permanently.  Once you apply these proven methods, and your gout goes away, then in hindsight you’ll know exactly what causes gout in the toe . . . because you wont have gout anymore!