Got Wrist Gout?

Wrist Gout is about as inconvenient as having your hand chopped off! Cant really do ANYTHING with that hand, can you? The wrist is the most heavily used joint in the body, and it is incredible versatile…able to move in 360 degrees due to the ball-joint. UNTIL…you get wrist gout. Then…no more movement. And no more use of the hand. Extremely inconvenient. You gotta get over that gout attack and get your wrist moving again…fast!

How do I Get Rid of Wrist Gout?

To get rid of wrist gout you’ve got to use two things: Your balls and your brain. Yep! First you’ve got to use your balls. (sorry gals…follow me along here). You’ve got to COERCE that joint to move. It’s going to hurt, but THAT is how you squeeze out the uric acid that is stuck in there and get your lymph system to carry it away. So…take a deep breath and wiggle that wrist around. A Lot.

Next, you’ve got to LEARN just a few common-sense tricks for how to dissolve the uric acid crystals in that joint. This will quickly get rid of your wrist gout now. But more importantly…it will help you NOT get wrist gout again. And when I say LEARN…I do NOT mean go to the doctor and roll over. I’m talking about garnering some independence…the kind that moves you AWAY from our corrupt medical system…and TOWARD a state of natural health where you will NOT NEED pharmaceuticals. You know what I mean? Don’t you think if you go to the doctor you will only get a prescription for a bunch of pharmaceuticals….and you will NOT get any common sense guidance on how to combat gout naturally? Right.

Get Rid of Wrist Gout Without Pharmaceuticals

You have to CHOOSE your source of education. Will it be TV…where the majority of the commercials are from pharmaceutical companies trying to convince you that you NEED their products. Or…will it be independent, tested and proven data from reputable experts in the field of NATURAL health and wellness. You get to choose what to fill your mind with.

So…who are these reputable experts in the field of NATURAL health and wellness? Top of the list is Bert Middleton, aka . . . The Gout Killer. You can learn his proven natural ways to get rid of gout in his highly-acclaimed book Kill Your Gout NOW!

This is THE ONLY book you need. It will show you exactly how to get rid of your wrist gout in 2-4 hours. Then, it will give you a road map for exactly what to do so that you never get gout again. So…do yourself a big favor. Go get Kill Your Gout NOW! and you’ll be well on your way to saying Bye-Bye to wrist gout…now and forever!

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