Gout in Wrist

by The Gout Wife

in Wrist

gout in wrist

Gout in Wrist

Wondering if you have “Gout in Wrist“?

Just ask yourself . . . Does your wrist look like the one in this Gout in Wrist photo?  Is one wrist bigger than the other?  Is is stiff and hard to bend?  Is it red and hot to the touch?  Is it so painful you want to cry?

If so, this is NOT good news. You probably do have gout in the wrist.  For more images, check out these other wrist gout pictures.

Can you GET Gout in Wrist?

You better believe it!   Gout can strike in any joint of the body, but it is most common in the “extremities” . . . your feet and hands (and wrists).  Here’s why:

As you probably know, a gout attack happens when the uric acid in your blood goes from its normal “fluid state” to an abnormal “solid state”.  In other word, normally the uric acid molecules are floating independently in your bloodstream, but when the conditions are ripe they start to stick to each other and form sharp needle-like crystals that lodge into your joints.  This crystal formation happens more readily at lower temperatures . . . like in your hand and wrist.

Poor circulation also contributes to getting gout in wrist.  You see, uric acid is moved around your body in the blood, but blood circulation sometimes is reduced in our extremities (including our wrists) because they are farther away from the heart, which pumps the blood around.  So, there is a greater tendency for uric acid crystals to form where the blood is more stagnant.

But the big question is:  How to GET RID of Gout in Wrist?

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