Gout Ankle

by The Gout Wife

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Gout Ankle…What You Need to Know.

gout ankle

Gout Ankle

Wondering if you have Gout Ankle? Trying to remember if you twisted your ankle? Did you step off a curb wrong?  Think you’re just getting old?  NO…you just have gout ankle! Do you find that you cant walk, put on a shoe, or even move your foot?  Is it hot to the touch, swollen, red, stinging like crazy, and feels like its gonna explode?  You can’t go to work, go out and play, or even relax enough to enjoy TV?  Yep…you got Gout Ankle. Fortunately…Gout Pictures is here to help!

What Causes Gout Ankle?

The scientifically proven cause of gout is LIGHTNING. Yes…God picked you out of the crowd, said “That boy’s been bad.” and decided to strike.  Whammo!  Out of nowhere, all of the sudden, you are lame.  And begging for mercy.  In fact, it is theorized that God enrolled you in an experiment, gave you the genes for gout, and now is compiling result data to see how you and all his other guinea pigs will respond to it.   Its a multiple choice test, and here are the options:

  1. Are you going to blame God, shake your fist at the sky and vow to get even?
  2. Are you going to tuck tail, run to the doctor, and become a pharmaceutical addict?
  3. Or are you going to stand tall, look in the mirror and say “I must be doing something wrong.”

If you answered YES to either #1 or #2 …you are at the wrong website.  And believe me there are PLENTY of websites for those who believe they are VICTIMS of gout…with drooling pumas standing ready to pounce on you and your wallet.  These sites have plenty of “experts” in white coats ready to tell you that there is NOTHING you can do to get rid of your gout ankle…except take these drugs for the rest of your life.  If that is you, then before you click away let me give you some advice:  Go buy stock in the maker of Allopurinol….that way you can get SOMETHING back for all the money you’re going to spend on this drug.

If, however, you are a #3 kind of a person...open minded, inquisitive, smart, like your independence, make your own decisions in life….then you are at the RIGHT website!  We got plenty to talk about, because….  My husband had gout BAD for 13 years, the whole time following doctor’s orders.  He took a TON of pharmaceuticals to try to control it…but it only got worse.  We liked our family doctor and also his rheumatologist, but finally got fed up and said “There MUST be a way to get RID of this gout”.  We started digging and digging…looking to find people who had successfully gotten rid of their gout ankle.  Our search thankfully gave us the answers we needed, which are now available in the book Kill Your Gout NOW!

How to Get RID of Ankle Gout

Easy…You just Decide, Learn How, then Do It! You see, getting rid of your gout ankle is NOT rocket science…but the first step is an internal DECISION.  Say to yourself right now:  “I WILL get rid of my gout, Period.”  Good!  Next Step:  Learn How:  Again…easy.  You can save yourself the time of digging and digging like we did…take a shortcut….and go get Kill Your Gout NOW! right now.  You see, this book has EVERYTHING you need to know in order to get rid of your gout ankle…immediately and forever.  Final step:  Just Do It.  This book will show you exactly what to DO to get rid of your gout…immediately and forever….but you still have to DO it!  Right? Right.

So what are you waiting for?  CLAIM YOUR INDEPENDENCE NOW….defy the docs, and go get Kill Your Gout NOW!Then you can say bye bye to your gout ankle, and to your pharmacy!