Gout in Finger Joints

by The Gout Wife

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gout in finger joints

Gout in Finger Joints

Gout in Finger Joints is the WORST . . . 

You cant brush your teeth.
You cant dial your cell phone.
You cant eat with a fork.
You cant do much of anything!

Gout in Finger Joints can last a long time, and because of the cooler temperatures of our extremities (fingers and toes) its harder to dissolve the uric acid crystals.

Gout in Finger Joints is a very common location.

Why?  Well…because of gravity of course!  Let me explain.  We all know that a gout attack comes from uric acid crystals getting lodged in the joint….right?  “Lodged” is the key word here.  The “lodging” happens because of stagnant fluids….and stagnant fluids happen because of inactivity….now add in gravity.  Do your hands hang down most of the day…without a lot of activity?  Can you picture the fluids (blood and lymph) pooling there?  And thus….uric acid crystals pooling there?  Right.  You got it.

So…How Do I Get Rid of Gout in Finger Joints?

Easy.  Two steps:  Move your body, and expand your brain!  That’s right….

  1. Remember that old saying…”Use it or Lose it”.  Gout is like a cob-web…it is found where there is “undisturbed terrain”.  You don’t vacuum behind the chair…next thing you know there is a cob web there.  You don’t move (exercise) your body in SOME form or fashion…next thing you know the ol’ gout in finger joints pays you a visit.
  2.  “Expand your brain” means get yourself educated.  But, not by watching TV ads and asking your doctor!  You see….pharmaceuticals are designed primarily to make PROFIT for the shareholders of pharmaceutical companies.  And doctors are only offered a few hours of OPTIONAL nutritional classes during medical school.  So…neither of these options will give you a decent understanding of the real causes and REAL CURES for gout.

Where to Get Education About Gout in Finger Joints

Right under your nose, of course!   See that colorful picture down below here?  Its for a book called Kill Your Gout NOW! and its the bomb.  Believe me, I’ve read every gout book out there and the others are incomplete.  This one covers it all, from how to make a gout attack stop within 2-4 hours using common grocery store items…to how to make sure you NEVER get another gout attack again.  And believe me…if you don’t follow the formulas in this book, you most likely WILL get another attack of gout in the finger joints, and then another, and another…

Don’t do this to yourself. Go down below here and click where it says “Instant Access” to check out Kill Your Gout NOW! right now . . . and nip it in the bud so you don’t ever get gout in the finger joints again!