Do You Have Gouty Tophi?

You’ll know you have gouty tophi if you have “knobs” just under the skin that feel like buried marbles. And they don’t hurt, but they sure are hard. Do they look like this gout picture? Or are they not that bad yet? Gouty Tophi is NOTHING to mess around with. As painful and inconvenient as these knobs are….you must realize that they are also forming inside your organs. This is very serious, and yes it can even kill you.

What is Gouty Tophi?

Gouty Tophi is a deposit of monosodium urate crystals, that becomes hardened and does not go away without surgery. Trust me…you do NOT want this surgery. After suffering 13 years of ongoing gout attacks, my husband had multiple surgeries to have his gouty tophi removed. He had surgeries in his big toe, his knee, and in the fingers of both hands. The finger surgeries were truly unbearable…think of all those nerve endings.

So…How Do I Avoid Gouty Tophi?

Don’t stick your head in the sand! Be proactive and get after it like a dog on a bone! If you are having recurring gout attacks, then you are at high risk of developing gouty tophi. So you MUST get on top of your uric acid levels now. Best way to do this is by following the guidelines outlined in Kill Your Gout NOW!….the book over there to the right>>>>

This is the best collection of data about tested and proven all-natural ways to lower uric acid levels….immediately and into the future. No need for doctors and pharmaceuticals…just get the true FACTS about the underlying causes gout. Do yourself a BIG favor and go get Kill Your Gout NOW! now….and you’ll be well on your way to avoiding and managing your gouty tophi.

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Gouty Tophi Treatment

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